Services by My Cabinet Guy

Kitchen Design at My Cabinet Guy

We are specializing in Kitchen & Bathroom design and remodeling. We take the time to help you thoroughly explore your options in terms of coming up with the best possible layout without having to go through unnecessary costly renovations to get your dream Kitchen & Bathroom.

Cabinet Sales & Installation at My Cabinet Guy

We can supply cabinets only if you have your design already laid out.

We can work directly with you and your contractor reviewing layout and offering solutions for questionable or gray areas. Of course, we can also be your one stop shop and handle your complete project from Start to finish.

Countertops at My Cabinet Guy

We offer all kinds of different options when it comes to countertop surfaces.

We have stone & quartz countertop fabricators who work directly with us to make your countertop process an enjoyable experience.

We can send you to choose your material at one of our many stone yards. We also offer custom fabricated laminate countertops with thousands of colors and patterns to choose from. We also offer beautiful wooden countertops for either the whole kitchen or a designated butcher block area. Whether you are choosing granite, quartz, laminate the right combination of strength and esthetics can make new countertops the perfect addition to any bathroom or kitchen remodeling project.

Project Management at My Cabinet Guy

We have the ability to project; manage the simplest of renovations all the way up to commercial multi-unit residential or commercial projects.

Whether we are handling your installation ourselves, or working with your contractor, we will ensure that your project is handled exactly as it needs to be.